Extracting meaning
from data


Our software product family covers the whole spectrum of the performance monitoring process, ranging from digitalizing the data monitoring & archiving steps, all the way to providing engine fault diagnostics, guidance for recommended actions & optimization settings.

Engine Data Platform

Is your engine data monitoring & archiving process really digitalised?

  • Have you ever looked at all your engine data in one place?

  • Have you ever correlated your engine performance data, the component running hours and your lube oil consumption?

The Engine Data Platform is a shore-office software application that receives and stores all engine-related on-board measurements. That way, the shipping company monitors both the accuracy/integrity and completeness of the data measurement process itself, as well as starts getting valuable insight into the condition of its engines (M/E and auxiliaries).

Engine Data Platform
Engine Assessment

Engine Assessment Tool

Do you currently have an easy way to assess the performance of your engine?

  • Would you like to have an immediate and enlightening KPI-based assessment of your engine’s condition, simply through parsing your performance reports?

  • Do you want to have a high-level indication of whether particular engine components are showing non-expected behaviour?

The Engine Assessment software module is a smart app that parses your standard performance reports and lets you have KPI-based views of the condition of your main engine components. Based on a comparison with the engine shop tests, it provides a first level estimation of possible issues that would need further investigation.

Engine Hyper Cube®

Do you have a clear & continuous knowledge about your engine faults and optimization options?

  • Would you like to have a complete auto-diagnosis of your engines, identifying specific engine faults and/or possible sensor/measurement issues?

  • Do you want to know exactly how your engine should perform under current (or any other) ambient & operating conditions?

  • Do you want to assess current engine operation vs. previous data in similar conditions, for this engine or engines of sister vessels?

The Engine Hyper Cube®, based on a detailed thermo-physical process model of the engine, is custom-produced for each vessel. The ship owner/operator, by comparing any incoming engine monitoring measurements (including measured pressure trace) to the Engine Hyper Cube® output, can reliably:

  • Diagnose possible engine faults as well as sensor/measurement issues & receive guidance for recommended actions
  • Get recommendations for engine optimization settings options
  • Project developing faults towards condition-based maintenance

Don’t just take it from us, see our customers’ benefits


Here’s a few real customer cases with associated savings:

  • 10 g/kWh or 6.8 tons daily loss of fuel due to compression deficiency detected in a containership vessel

  • 3.4 g/kWh or 1.3 tons daily loss of fuel due to faulty injection system identified in a tanker vessel

  • 2.7 g/kWh or 1.1 tons daily savings of fuel after VIT optimization in a dry bulk carrier

Pay back period

Pay back time varies between 1-3 months depending on the engine size