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Our expertise

We encompass and combine core marine engineering and naval architecture principles, human expertise & in-field experience together with machine learning & AI techniques in order to deliver value to our customers.

Engine Hyper Cube®

Clear & continuous knowledge about your engine’s current performance and optimization options.

  • Complete diagnosis of your engines, identifying specific engine faults and/or possible sensor/measurement issues.

  • Exactly how your engine should perform under present (or any other) ambient & operating conditions.

  • Compare engine operation vs. previous data in similar conditions, for this vessel or sister vessels.

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Engine Hyper Cube


The most accurate Vessel & Engine Performance Evaluation Software.

  • Continuous up-to-date Fuel Oil Consumption (FOC)/Speed predictions.

  • Fact-based hull and propeller cleaning decisions and assessment of any hull/propeller adaptations.

  • Detection of engine faults/underperformance through high fidelity calculated values produced by Engine Hyper Cube®

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