Extracting meaning
from data


Clear & continuous knowledge about your engine’s current performance and optimization options.

  • Complete diagnosis of your engines, identifying specific engine faults and/or possible sensor/measurement issues.

  • Exactly how your engine should perform under present (or any other) ambient & operating conditions.

  • Compare engine operation vs. previous data in similar conditions, for this vessel or sister vessels.

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Engine Hyper Cube

The most accurate Vessel & Engine Performance Evaluation Software.

  • Continuous up-to-date Fuel Oil Consumption (FOC)/Speed predictions.

  • Fact-based hull and propeller cleaning decisions and assessment of any hull/propeller adaptations.

  • Detection of engine faults/underperformance through high fidelity calculated values produced by Engine Hyper CubeĀ®

  • Incoming data filtering and Sensor malfunction alerting

  • Ship CO2Ā emissions appraisal, voyage estimations and Fleet totaling

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Ensure continuous high data quality and minimise data storage and processing costs.

  • Alert for sensor faults or signals which contain errors

  • Provide an overview of data quality for any system, vessel or entire fleet through a simple UI

  • Tag the saved data with quality and completeness KPIs

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Outsourcing services

We can take your engine performance monitoring load off your shoulders through our outsourcing services.

Our engineers, with experience in modeling and analytics methodologies, can provide monitoring, interpretation and insight on a scheduled basis.

Outsourcing Services