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Engine Performance Management

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Analyzing routine data collected from the vessels, and comparing them with a customized “digital twin” of your engine which can provide its performance at any given condition, we extract and display meaningful information (KPI’s, Graphs/Trends, Faults/Alarms) regarding the status of your fleet’s engines and we provide diagnostics, prognostics, fuel consumption optimization recommendations and information towards better planning of your maintenance based on condition assessment.

Extract meaning from data
Digital twin

Digital Twin in action

The Digital Twin is tuned to be an exact replica of your actual engine in operation, reflecting the physical relationships of all primary parameters (temperatures, pressures, rpm) and resultant performance values (torque, fuel consumption and emissions) and how these are influenced by ambient conditions, load, speed and fuel type at any operating point.
The Engine Hyper Cube® software, by comparing operational engine measurements to the digital twin, can then reliably provide a detailed engine status assessment and optimization guidelines.

Look after your fleet

The Engine Hyper Cube® is a valuable decision making software used by the management and the technical/engineering teams ashore. It is a great tool towards better planning of the maintenance based on condition assessment, offering:

  • Dashboard view of overall vessel/engine condition
  • Component health and fuel efficiency KPI’s
  • Detailed diagnostics of possible faults (engine & sensors) and recommended actions
  • Financial impact of faults identified
  • Timeline analysis for a number of engine parameters
  • Sister vessel/engine comparison
Engine Hyper Cube