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At Propulsion Analytics, we have pioneered the use of simulation models and machine learning for vessel/engine performance evaluation and fault diagnosis. Based on our advanced thermo-fluid dynamic models, we create a customized “digital twin” of the engine which can provide its performance at any operating condition.

By using routine measurements from the vessel and comparing them with the reference values from the “digital twin”, the operator is provided with performance assessment information, fault diagnosis and fuel consumption optimization in service.

Vessel performance evaluation is accomplished through a combination of propulsion engine Thermodynamics, plus Analytics (Machine Learning-ML) on continuous recordings of vessel and engine data, originating from any third-party onboard data acquisition system.

We are here to help you minimize your unplanned downtime and reduce your operating costs.

Performance management

Performance management

On-board measurements – the primary source of information for performance monitoring – need to be filtered and validated in order to obtain useful results. Comparison of the measurements with a dynamic benchmarking reference, together with data analytics & diagnostics rulesets, allows to identify possible engine faults, resolve sensor issues, predict fuel consumption, recommend optimization settings, assess vessel performance, provide  guidance for hull and propeller cleaning and advise on  developing issues, on the way to condition-based maintenance.

Our expertise

Our expertise

We encompass and combine core marine engineering and naval architecture principles, human expertise & in-field experience together with machine learning & AI techniques in order to deliver value to our customers.

Propulsion Analytics is the

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in the development of the Engine Diagnostics System (EDS)
for all its 2-stroke diesel and dual-fuel engines

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The collaboration with Propulsion Analytics will help us realize our ambition to lead innovation in the field of shipping digitization, focusing first on the 2-stroke engine – our core expertise – and then enlarging it to the whole ship machinery and smart ship.

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Vice President Research & Development, WinGD

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