ATARAXIA® by Propulsion Analytics

Propulsion Analytics launches ATARAXIA® continuous engine performance assessment using data from standard onboard sensors.

ATARAXIA® uses the Engine Hyper Cube® (EHC) thermodynamic digital twin to evaluate engine performance based on a small set of engine measurements typically available as signals in all vessels. This enables continuous verification of engine performance without the need for additional sensors.

ATARAXIA® also provides verification of fuel consumption and torque/power measurements from the engine, enabling improved vessel performance evaluation and more precise fuel consumption/emission monitoring.

The operation of ATARAXIA® relies on the principle that at any engine operating point the parameters (pressures, temperatures…) have a unique inter-relation, dependent on the internal thermodynamics. Using a few of the measured parameters to determine the operating condition, the EHC® engine model (digital-twin) is “pegged” to the apparent operating point. Divergence between model “predicted” parameters and “actual” measurements are used to evaluate engine performance continuously, enabling alerting in cases where underperformance is identified.

ATARAXIA® offers a unique cost-effective solution for continuous engine performance evaluation using the existing Data Monitoring and telecommunication infrastructure of current vessels.

*Ataraxia in philosophy signifies a state of calmness, tranquility, and inner peace achieved through a balanced and rational approach to life.

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