Extract meaning from
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Analyzing routine data collected from the vessels, we extract and display meaningful information (KPI’s Graphs/Trends, Faults/Alarms) regarding the status of your fleet’s engines and we provide diagnostics, prognostics, fuel consumption optimization recommendations and information towards better planning of your maintenance based on condition assessment.

Engine Hyper Cube
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Continuous engine performance assessment using data from standard onboard sensors.

ATARAXIA® uses the Engine Hyper Cube® (EHC) thermodynamic digital twin to evaluate engine performance based on a small set of engine measurements typically available as signals in all vessels.

ATARAXIA® offers a cost-effective solution for continuous engine performance verification &  evaluation using the existing Data Monitoring and telecommunication infrastructure of current vessels, without the need for additional sensors.

No H/W requirement

There are no requirements for installation of specialized H/W equipment onboard.

Engine Hyper Cube

Status Assessment &
Decision support tool

The Engine Hyper Cube® is a valuable status assessment and decision support software to be used by the management and the technical/engineering teams ashore. It can prove to be a great tool towards better planning of the maintenance based on condition assessment, offering:

  • Dashboard view of overall vessel/engine condition
  • Component health and efficiency KPI’s
  • Detailed diagnostics of possible faults (engine & sensors) and recommended actions
  • Financial impact of faults identified
  • Timeline analysis for a number of engine parameters
  • Sister vessel/engine comparison

The Engine Hyper Cube® applies to all conventional and electronic,
2 or 4 stroke, Diesel, Gas or dual-fuel marine engines.

We adapt to your preferences

We typically deliver the Engine Hyper Cube® software in the shipping company, shore office to be used by internal staff.

In case you want to experience a smoother transition through our service option, our experts perform the monitoring and analysis for you and provide all the support you need to resolve engine faults and optimize the operation of your engines.

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We adapt to your preferences

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