Propulsion Analytics in Posidonia 2024 special feature within the International New York Times/ Kathimerini weekly edition.

The article, which appeared in the NYT/Kathimerini weekly edition 1-2 June 2024, as a special feature for Posidonia 2024 exhibition in Athens,  highlighted the work performed by Greek-based companies which are “at the forefront of shipping’s revolution” and “are leading the decarbonisation, innovation and digitalisation of the marine industry”. About Propulsion Analytics, the article wrote:

Propulsion Analytics (PA) is a Greek company delivering cutting-edge software solutions which support decisions on the optimal technical and operational management of vessels and engines.

Modern vessels have increased connectivity and a multitude of sensors which can provide information about the overall state of the vessel and the equipment onboard. PA offers software solutions firmly based on engineering fundamentals and increasingly enhanced by machine learning and AI, to deliver robust, effective and transparent tools which help analyse the incoming data and provide clear indications of asset condition and maintenance decision support.

PA was founded in 2014 by Nikolaos Kyrtatos, Professor of Marine Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and long-time co-workers Stratos Tzanos and Iakovos Karakas. Notably, 60% of PA employees are NTUA graduate engineers from this prestigious institution in Greece.

PA currently offers products for engine performance evaluation and fault diagnostics (Engine Hyper Cube®), vessel performance analysis and decision support (VesselQUAD®) and continuous vessel data quality assessment (ADQM). Our solutions are currently in use in more than 400 vessels from more than 30 shipping companies around the world, including the 14 largest container vessels in the world.

In 2017, the Swiss engine maker Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD), following a worldwide search, selected Propulsion Analytics for the development of a novel Engine Diagnostic System (EDS), to be based on the Engine Hyper Cube®. This online real-time system is marketed as WiDE/EDS (WinGD Digital Expert) and is currently installed in many vessels powered by WinGD diesel and dual-fuel engines. In 2018, PA and Euronav shipping company were awarded the Gold BITE prize for the application of Engine Hyper Cube® on the Euronav fleet. In 2022, Classification society DNV issued an attestation for Engine Hyper Cube® being applicable “as an additional tool towards Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) for marine engines”. In 2023, PA with WinGD and Kyklades Maritime Corporation were awarded the Silver BITE prize for the application of WiDE/EDS on their fleet. In 2024, PA launched Ataraxia®, (peace-of-mind), an innovative platform for continuous performance assessment and alerting for marine engines, applicable to a wide spectrum of marine installations.

“We are proud of the reach of our products, which is an indication of the recognized value they offer.” said Panos Kyrtatos, CEO of Propulsion Analytics.  “In the future, we aim to continue to develop novel solutions in close cooperation with existing and new customers, to enable improved technical management of their assets. Our goal extends beyond performance optimization and emissions reduction to revolutionize maintenance practices, enabling lower operating costs and reducing environmental impact.”

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