Combining ML/AI
with Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering know-how for reliable vessel performance assessment

Reliable and to-the-point information about vessel performance based on advanced analytics:

  • Key measurement data validation and sensor alerting
  • Real-time identification and analysis of vessel underperformance
  • Hull/propeller fouling analysis and cleaning decision support, incl. ISO 19030
  • Accurate current vessel performance for chartering and weather routing
  • Extensions for trim optimization, weather routing
  • Detailed CII analysis and CO2 emission projections
VesselQUAD monitor

In VesselQUAD® the vessel performance evaluation is accomplished through a combination of propulsion engine Thermodynamics
& Analytics (Machine Learning) on continuous recordings of vessel data,
from any third-party onboard data acquisition system.

quad vessel dollars

The “inside-out” methodology

Propulsion Analytics introduces a novel “inside-out” methodology for the performance assessment of  fleet. The “inside-out” refers to  the fundamental process of conversion of money into vessel speed in ship operation.

VesselQUAD® uses Thermodynamics on the propulsion engine in order to validate and supplement
torque and FOC measurements.
This is combined with Machine Learning to evaluate the evolution of fouling penalty over time
& the effectiveness of each cleaning action.

VesselQUAD® provides a reliable basis for the

performance-related decision-making of any shipping company.

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