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Performance monitoring

On-board data collection & archiving

Today’s data acquisition systems, along with advanced ship to shore communications, provide a solid basis for the primary source of information needed. Measured data, however, need to be filtered, processed and archived, in order to obtain any useful results. It is only then that intelligence and business value are being created providing rich insight and business continuity.


The second pillar essential for extracting actionable information and results, is that of comparing the measurements with an appropriate reference state (benchmarking). This ranges from an industry-standard approach that offers a KPI-based assessment of your engine’s condition to a detailed comparison with a reliable dynamic benchmarking reference for the actual operating conditions.

performance evaluation

Performance evaluation

Comparing the measurements with a dynamic benchmarking reference, based on a detailed thermo-physical process model of the actual engine, together with smart data analytics & diagnostics rulesets, allows the vessel operator to:

  • Diagnose possible engine faults as well as sensor/measurement issues & receive guidance for recommended actions
  • Get recommendations for engine optimization settings options
  • Project developing faults towards condition-based maintenance

Don’t just take it from us, see our customers’ benefits


Here’s a few real customer cases with associated savings:

  • 10 g/kWh or 6.8 tons daily loss of fuel due to compression deficiency detected in a containership vessel

  • 3.4 g/kWh or 1.3 tons daily loss of fuel due to faulty injection system identified in a tanker vessel

  • 2.7 g/kWh or 1.1 tons daily savings of fuel after VIT optimization in a dry bulk carrier