WinGD and Propulsion Analytics Extend their Collaboration to Offer QUAD Vessel Performance within WiDE

Press Release 19/07/2023

The collaboration expands the WinGD integrated Digital Expert (WiDE) capabilities to include vessel performance analysis, leveraging the existing WiDE data infrastructure

WinGD, a Swiss marine power company, and Propulsion Analytics (PA), a supplier of digital applications for maritime performance management and energy efficiency, will expand their collaboration to offer QUAD, a vessel performance analysis and decision support tool, within the WiDE platform. QUAD uses machine learning/AI on continuous vessel data to determine vessel hull/propeller fouling, determine current vessel performance, evaluate past and future vessel CII and aid in decisions which influence vessel fuel consumption, emissions and CII evolution. QUAD was built through extended work by PA with shipping companies and is currently used by several shipping companies worldwide.

The QUAD application utilises the WiDE data infrastructure installed onboard WinGD-powered vessels and requires no changes to the hardware onboard. This collaboration is part of a wider expansion of the WiDE platform to include expert solutions from different providers, leveraging the vessel connectivity and data in WiDE to provide additional value to WiDE customers beyond the engine performance analysis and fault diagnostics. QUAD, powered through WiDE, has already passed a successful one-year trial on a vessel, and is currently being evaluated through additional pilots in vessels using WiDE.

René Baart, WinGD Senior Product Manager Digital, said: “Working with expert partners like PA allows us to extend the functionality of WiDE and add value for ship operators that rely on our engine data insights platform. QUAD offers a detailed analysis of the performance of the vessel, taking into account the main engine operation but also fouling and other sources of underperformance, which complements the current data evaluation within WiDE.”

Panos Kyrtatos, PA Business Development Manager, said: “We are very happy to expand our collaboration with WinGD, offering QUAD within WiDE. Through this collaboration, we leverage the existing tried and tested WiDE data infrastructure, with no additional hardware needed to run the vessel performance analysis. This removes a strong barrier to digitalisation, since the connectivity and data are already existing in vessels with WiDE. Together with WinGD, we can create significant more value for WiDE customers.”

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WinGD advances the decarbonisation of marine transportation through sustainable energy systems using the most advanced technologies in emissions reduction, fuel efficiency, hybridisation and digital optimisation. With their two-stroke low-speed engines at the heart of the power equation, WinGD sets the industry standard for reliability, safety, efficiency and environmental design, backed by a global network of service and support. Headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland since its origin as the Sulzer Diesel Engine business in 1893, today it is powering the transformation to a sustainable future.

WinGD is a CSSC Group company.

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About Propulsion Analytics 

Propulsion Analytics is an innovative company in the area of performance management, energy efficiency optimization and maintenance decision support for the maritime industry. We have pioneered the use of digital twins based on thermodynamic simulation models in conjunction with machine learning techniques. Our digital twins are used for vessel and engine performance assessment, fault diagnostics and optimization in service, with the aim to increase reliability, improve efficiency and reduce emissions of seagoing vessels.

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