WinGD WiDE Pilot Project commended for industry impact

All of us at Propulsion Analytics would like to congratulate WinGD for receiving the Intelligent Monitoring & Maintenance Award at the Marine Propulsion Awards 2019.

We are very happy that our technology and expertise, as implemented in WinGD’s Integrated Digital Expert (WiDE), has contributed to such a distinction. WinGD proves once again that it has a clear vision and a specific plan in order to provide innovative digital solutions that create true value for the end customer. More distinctions will certainly follow and we will do our best to support our partner on implementing their strategy towards digitalization.

The award was received in regards to a collaborative pilot project undertaken by WinGD and ship management company Enterprises Shipping & Trading to demonstrate the power of WinGD’s Integrated Digital Expert (WiDE) predictive maintenance technology onboard the crude oil tanker Energy Triumph.

WiDE is a comprehensive, integrated system of digital solutions that enhances the operational efficiency and crew decision-making accuracy related to engine and ship operations. The smart system provides real-time, on-demand monitoring of engine status and condition through the collection and intelligent analysis of engine and machinery data.

Thermodynamic analysis as designed and implemented by Propulsion Analytics, monitors engine performance based on a detailed thermo-physical process model; a digital twin, custom-produced for each vessel engine. The model constantly calculates the ideal engine performance and defines a “reference optimal condition” which varies depending on the environmental and operational conditions measured in real-time on the ship.