Engine performance monitoring that guarantees minimum downtime and reduction of operating cost


For ship operators who want minimum engine downtime, reduction of operating cost and improved operation of their engine, Propulsion Analytics provides
engine performance monitoring products and services, based on state-of-the-art smart data analytics, already applied in 100+ engines.
Our team has pioneered the use of simulation models
for engine performance evaluation and fault diagnosis, at the heart of the Greek shipping community.

Our Philosophy

We aspire to be your partner across this journey

Our Technology

We generate a virtual model of your engine and provide to you its fuel consumption, emissions and performance under all possible combinations of operating points, fuel types and ambient conditions.

This allows you to:

  • Auto-diagnose possible engine faults and/or sensor malfunctions
  • Determine fuel consumption, emissions and assess engine performance parameters
  • Predict developing faults towards condition-based maintenance
  • Estimate complete performance & emissions, under any ‘what-if’ scenario

Engine Types Simulated

Diagnostics for Sensor and Engine faults

Engine Parameters Predicted

Our Offerings

The Engine Hyper Cube software provides:

  • High-level dashboard view of engine performance
  • Detailed diagnostics of possible engine faults together with recommended actions
  • Detailed diagnostics of sensor and/or measurement issues
  • Deviations from healthy state for a number of measured parameters
  • Detailed per-cylinder view and historical analysis
  • Sister vessel/engine comparison

Customer Highlights

Don’t just take it from us, see our customers’ benefits

Performance prediction for vessel operating with 1 of 3 turbochargers cut-out

>2.5% fuel savings based on a faulty injection system diagnosis

VIT optimisation for maximum power with minimum fuel consumption

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