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Smart Data Technologies during Operation

For ship operators who want minimum engine downtime, reduction of operating cost and improved operation of their engine, Propulsion Analytics provides engine performance monitoring products and services, based on process automation, engine simulation models and state-of-the-art smart data analytics, already applied in 100+ engines.

Our team has pioneered the use of simulation models for engine performance evaluation and fault diagnosis, at the heart of the Greek shipping community.

Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring

On-board measurements – the primary source of information for performance monitoring – need to be filtered, processed and archived, in order to obtain any useful results. Further to that, comparison of the measurements with a dynamic benchmarking reference together with smart data analytics & diagnostics rulesets is what allows the vessel operator to diagnose possible engine faults, sensor issues & receive guidance for recommended actions, optimization settings and developing faults towards condition-based maintenance.

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Our software product family covers the whole spectrum of the performance monitoring process, ranging from digitalizing the data monitoring & archiving steps, all the way to providing engine fault diagnostics, guidance for recommended actions & optimization settings.

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Propulsion Analytics at Innovathens with HAMAC

Propulsion Analytics at Innovathens with HAMAC

Panos Theodossopoulos presents on behalf of Propulsion Analytics at the “Technology in Maritime” workshop organized by Hellenic Association of Mobile Application Companies (HAMAC)…

The Motorship for Propulsion Analytics

The Motorship for Propulsion Analytics

One of the highlights in the “Low-speed marine engines report” for 2017 by Gavin Lipsith, Editor at “The Motorship”, was the key partnership of WinGD with software company Propulsion Analytics…

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